Travel Management System

  • Clients database both for private as well as business clients.
  • Working with dossiers: per client you keep all information regarding a reservation in well organised dossiers.
  • Print or email invoices and handle payments.
  • Tasks can be added to dossiers, groups, as well as required services.
  • Suppliers database which allows you to keep all products and their prices organised per supplier (including your own products).
  • Products, both delivered by suppliers as well as packages made by yourself.
  • Groups and passengerlists.
  • Management information: financial data, booking statistics.
  • Preferences and permissions, e.g. allowing your administrator to limit certain functions to certain users and departments. And many other ways to personalize your own system.
  • Online Help and Support facilities.
  • A networked business application without extra costs for software or a server.
  • Access to your business from anywhere, anytime.
  • Storage of all data in a highly secure server location.
  • Low costs and predictable yearly overhead.
  • And much more...



Web-based Application

As the Jambix system is completely web-based ('in the cloud'), no server hardware or special software are needed. It can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection. You can log on to our secured server and work from home, from your offices, or on the road. Jambix runs with popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

User Friendly Interface

Easy to use since it is built using AJAX technology (also used by Google Docs), making it a simple User Interface that is very intuitive so that even non-technical users will want to use.

Low costs

The price of the Jambix Travel Management System is based on a monthly fee plus a passenger fee. The fee per passenger varies depending on the total number of passengers in a contract year. This way, your IT overhead costs are predictable and will vary according to the size and success of the company.
To start using Jambix there are some set-up costs involved.
See our Pricing page or contact us for an estimate.



Need a list of unpaid invoices, active dossiers, or the status of your multiple groups? Jambix comes with a set of standard reports that you can run at any time. Need a report we don't have? We will customize extra reports for you.


Sophisticated Administration

Enables you to define your company preferences and permissions, limit user access and functionalities, set up flexible template system for both standard as well as custom-made output (invoices, vouchers, reports, etc).



Keep all information regarding a reservation in a single dossier (file) that links to bookings, invoices and payments. Products and allotments for both suppliers and your company are easily entered, copied, and repeated. Groups and passenger lists share common information for quick access and no data loss. Financial data and booking statistics are automatically tracked throughout the system keeping you informed of the status of your business.



Built In Communication & Documentation

Custom-made templates make communication with clients and suppliers easier than ever before with various types of correspondence available (letters, e-mails, fax). Travel documentation can also be customized by using different templates for reservations, vouchers, invoicing, etc.

Flexible & Extendable

A very flexible application that can be customized to suit your needs and is capable of handling different types of business.
The standard functionalities can be enriched by installing plug-ins. They offer a wide variety of extra possibillities, as explained on the plug-ins page.


Unbeatable Support

Accessible online, by Skype, phone, or e-mail, the Jambix team is available and eager to help. Easy to use online help, Administrator Manual, and a User Guide are also provided. Onsite training is available on request.


Available in English, Dutch, French and Spanish with additional languages planned.

Centralized Database

Eliminates data redundancy and ensures that all team members are working with the same data. Client information can be reused time and time again. Supplier details and the product they provide are easily added to booking and invoices. Our searching capabilities ensure that you find the data you need - fast.

Secure server

Secure server

No server needed; we manage all hardware and provide daily back-ups, saving you risk and money. Use Jambix without fear that IT costs will be a burden to your company.

Back-ups and Security

Jambix is built with safety and security in mind.
Following are a number of measures taken to provide in this:
Backups of Jambix and all administrations in the system are made in regular intervals and in multiple ways:
- Real-time synchronization of Jambix and entered data on an extra hard disk of the server (RAID)
- Daily incremental back-up of Jambix and its databases on an external server
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used for all communication between users and the system. You can see this in the URL, as it starts with "https". This makes it very difficult for others to intercept data and therefore makes Jambix extra safe to use.
Logfiles are kept of all changes made to your administration and which users made them.