Travel Markets

Visting Travel Markets is a good way to have personal contact with the makers of Jambix. Every year we attend the World Travel Market in London, the Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair) in Utrecht and occasionally the ITB in Berlin. We usually organize a presentation for Jambix users to discuss current and future developments in Jambix and we have personal meetings with our clients.
If you are interested to meet us at the WTM, at the Vakantiebeurs or at the ITB please contact us using the form or one of the other options.

Online Demonstration

If you're interested to have more information about Jambix, we can give an online demonstration on how you could use Jambix and how it could be useful to running your business.
This demonstration is given using Skype for conversation and an application which allows you to see the demonstrators' screen. During this demo we show you how Jambix is organised, its functionalities and we discuss Jambix as a solution to managing your bookings.

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Phone: +31 20 6382238