B2B / Extranet Features

You can:
  • Publish information, news, sample tours and contact details.
  • Create and share tailor-made tours, for you and your client only.
  • Upload and share tailor-made quotes privately.
Your clients can:
  • Access and search Jambix product catalog with approved suppliers, products, and client specific prices.
  • Download tailor-made quotes and travel information.
  • Access and search Jambix confirmed bookings.
  • Receive notifications of updated bookings, by email.
  • Download booking documents such as vouchers and tickets.
  • Update pax information, such as passport numbers.
And so much more...



Close Collaboration

The Jambix Extranet allows travel companies to collaborate with clients (agents) online. By creating a platform where clients can see their bookings, access passenger information, see costs associated to itineraries, as well as print booking documents, clients have more visibility into existing bookings.


24/7 Services

Travel companies no longer have to publish product costs separately. The Jambix Extranet is the perfect place for clients to search products and see all the details including low season vs. high season costs, extra charges for full board vs. room only, etc. Login access defines what your clients see, so you can work collaboratively with all your clients. The Jambix Extranet helps you work better - together.


The Jambix Extranet is completely customizable. We build it to your needs, change the layout to your company branding, and you get to pick what you want to make visible and decide how you want to use it.
Client pricing and products are specific and private for only those clients - it's all filtered by their Extranet login.



How we make it work

The Jambix Extranet works with the Jambix Travel Management System. You set up your suppliers, their products and prices, and then you enter your clients and their bookings. The Extranet allows you to publish the results in a customizable, accessible and atrractive way that your clients can work with no matter where they are or in what time zone.


Secure server

Can anyone access my Extranet?

No. You decide who you give access to and what they can see and do with your Extranet.

When I change information, how long before my clients can see it?

Almost immediately. You can make your changes in Jambix, this is then automatically updated to your Extranet - no extra step is needed.


Can my client change information to the bookings?

No, the Extranet's information comes from the Jambix Travel Management System, therefore only you can change the information. To your client, the information is read-only.

Can my clients print itinerary documents from the Extranet?

Yes! And vouchers too.