Jambix Travel Management System

This page contains general information about the prices of the Jambix System. You can download our prices brochure on the right side.
Feel free to contact us for additional explanations.

General costs

The prices of the Jambix System are based on these aspects: a Monthly fee plus a price per passenger which will diminish in relation to the number of passengers the agency has administrated in a Contract Year. For example: if an agency books 2200 confirmed passengers in a year (counting from the contract date), it will pay first 1500, then 500, then 200 passengers, each step being lower in price.
The passengers of agencies with multiple accounts will be added up, and they will therefore pay less per passenger.
Try our calculator on this page to estimate what you will be paying for the use of the system!

We charge a minimum of 600 passengers per account per contract year (non-refundable).

To start using the Jambix System there are set-up costs involved (once only).

Server costs

The use of Web Application allows for 500 MB up to 8 GB of disk space, depending on the number of passengers booked in a contract year. Excess server use will be charged extra.
Disk space taken up by database tables and inserted data in database tables is not taken into account, it is included in the subscription fee.

The price includes

  • The use of the reservation system within the limits of the contract.
  • A manual (pdf)
  • Online help
  • Online installation help
  • Support (e-mail and Skype)
  • Updates
  • You can submit a RFC (Request For Change) which will be considered in an upcoming release.
  • Disk space used for the reservations system
  • Daily incremental backup of the system
  • Synchronisation of the system on extra hard disk in the server
  • Synchronisation of the system on fallbackserver
The price does not include individual adaptions or extra modules to the system. These can be added on request, at an extra fee.

Plug-ins (modules)

Jambix offers a number of plug-ins, that add extra functions to the system:
Image Manager
Text Library
Image Manager and Text Library
JamRIKS interface
Web interface
MYOB export
Account Bridge
Amadeus GDS (read-only)

Check our price list for information about the monthly costs of these plug-ins.


Mentioned offers and prices are not binding and subject to change.


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