Be Green!

Earth is burning up The earth is the only home that mankind has. Climate change, worldwide depletion of resources, loss of ecosystems, rapid decrease in biodiversity and the plastic soup: they are just some of the serious threats to the planet.
Jambix endorses initiatives that can lead to sustainable use of energy and resources, and diminish the warming up of the planet.

Green energy

Datacenters are notorious energy users. The servers of Jambix are located in a datacenter that uses a clean and sustainable source of green energy, coming from a wind mill park in the North Sea. To be sure of a constant supply of energy, the datacenter gets its energy from the regular grid, and the wind mills deliver the same amount of green energy to that grid.

Servers not only use a lot of energy, but also produce a lot of warmth. This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.orgIf that warmth wouldn’t be dealt with, the temperature would become much too high. As an environmentally friendly solution to that, the data center is connected to the local District Cooling & Heating system. Very cold water from a nearby lake is pumped to the data center for cooling. The water warms up, and in turn can be used for heating houses or offices. Cool water is then returned to the lake. Also our personal work places generally use green energy.

A new way of working

Jambix does not own offices or cars. Having no office also means: no blocks of concrete to warm up, no extra computer network, no extra use of energy. Only clicks and no bricks!

All programmers work from home or at any place convenient. That is using ‘the cloud’ the way it should be. Not only do we save a lot of time in general, but also a lot of time in traffic. Avoiding the tarmac and the traffic jams is good for the environment, and using our time more efficient is also good for our customers.
And being located in the Netherlands: if we need to go somewhere, we prefer to use the bicycle, public transportation or shared car services (e.g. Greenwheels).


Our customers are located around the world. Contact with our clients is mostly by e-mail or Skype and does not require a lot of travelling. By offering our customers one central location for their data, office system and backups, we also help them to be more green. No need to have extra computers or maintain an extra network!


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