What users have said...

...about the Jambix Travel Management System

About the personal app, I can share the first comments we get back. TUI Wolters Germany: it looks great and neatly arranged. Askja Reizen: It is very practical, especially with the maps location.
– Unnur, GoNorth

I have to let you know how happy I am with Jambix. Honestly, I don't know how we could have made it through the summer without Jambix.
– Anne, Norway Adventures

Well done on providing us with such a great tool to manage our work.
– Mark, Tanzania Journeys

Jambix has the best support compared to other software companies, really appreciate your time.
     They use [...] at the moment which is useless compared to Jambix ... I think your main selling point over [...] is your technical support, which is light years ahead of theirs. Jambix is a better system in every way.

– Patrick, Hanuman Tourism

When I worked for Kuoni we worked with [...]. Jambix is very cleverly built and not much less than that, but a lot cheaper.
– André, Khiri Travel

I am quite sure that Jambix is the right choice for GoNorth.
– Unnur, GoNorth

Sometimes it really amazes me what you guys are able to do with Jambix.
– Sherryl, Happy Trails Malaysia

We work ... in Jambix and it's all going smooth.
– Imke, Ecole Ecuador

Great functionalities.
– Misha, Cuba Incentives

It looks and works great.
– Jeff, American Pursuits


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